The Dutch artist Cornelia Rijkaart van Cappellen lives close to the lake Bolsena and offers classical drawing and Oil Painting courses and workshops for all ability levels and ages (min. 5 days).Holiday workshops and or Still life, figure and portraits courses are given in her studio in the country side of Montefiascone in Italy. Plein Air oil painting, landscapes are given around the beautiful lake Bolsena.

Accommodation for students or in case of portrait commissions (and their guest) is available.

Cornelia acquired a strong foundational education in art in Florence (Italy) while being trained in the old masters techniques. The resulting work reveals a personal and contemporary expression of beauty while paying homage to the Classical tradition of craftsmanship.


In Italy she found what she was looking for on a professional level, a place where one could still learn traditional oil painting. She also lost her heart to this magnificent country and thus decided to stay. Cornelia has made her home in Italy, and she offers painting courses and workshops from her house in the countryside close to Montefiascone and the Bolsena lake.


Students of all levels are welcome. Thanks to the limited amount of students, everyone gets the personal attention that suits him or her best. The number of classes, times and dates can all be adapted to your personal wishes.







Classical drawing and Oil Painting courses and workshops for all ability levels and ages.


Landscape painting "en plein air"

For those who want to enjoy the Italian landscape !

Those who are new to, or who wish to further their knowledge of landscape painting “en plein air” (outside in nature). Demonstrations, covering the mechanics of light, how to paint distance, mixing and painting greens, composing a painting and simplifying nature etc. will be given as needed. As well one –on-one instruction at your easel throughout the session.





Still life oil painting

The step by step approach, from the selection of material and set-up, through to the final painting, is geared towards all levels but a background in drawing is helpful. Starting with the importance of composition and lighting to create compelling still life paintings, Through instruction and one on one guidance students will learn how to break down the painting process using classic techniques.












Painting a portrait from life

An introduction into the facinating world of portraiture from a model. The focus is on individual teaching to suit the level of each student, as well as the essential elements of portrait painting with sight-size method, including careful observation, pleasing composition, the place of shape, colour, tone and anatomy of the skull.






Classical Academic Drawing

Learn with the same artistic training methods as the masters. This step by step instruction has helped artists of all levels of experience, master their drawing skills for nearly 200 years. Beginning with the Charles Bargue Drawing Couse, which was developed and widely used in the mid 19th centry as a foundation exercise for fine art training.

These master copies and Cast Drawings have been used by historic and modern masters as an essential process in understanding the principles of shape, proportion, value and form. These exercises provide a very effective foundation to working from life and painting.


Don't hesitate to contact Cornelia directly and discuss all possibilities!













Cornelia has set up her studio close to Montefiascone near lake Bolsena and at the crossroad of Tuscany, Umbria and Lazio. The calm environment of the countryside and surrounded by nothing but nature creates a perfect atmosphere for painting.

Montefiascone is located on top of the highest peak of the Volsini Mountains, from which we can enjoy an enchanting view of Lake Bolsena, and is situated on the Via Cassia in the heart of a farming area where grapevines are of particular importance. A road winding along the hillside links the town with the lake.

Lake Bolsena is one of the magnificent sights of Italy. It has been considered a lake of great spiritual importance…. and mystery, for thousands of years. It was the sacred lake of the Etruscans and it still has a powerful  effect on anybody who visits its shores. The painter William Turner passed by here in 1795 and he like us, would  have marvelled at the the magnificent light, the clearness of the air even in high summer, and the picturesqueness of its lakeside villages such as Capodimonte and Bolsena town.