Cornelia has set up her studio close to Montefiascone near lake Bolsena and at the crossroad of Tuscany, Umbria and Lazio. The calm environment of the countryside and surrounded by nothing but nature creates a perfect atmosphere for painting.

Montefiascone is located on top of the highest peak of the Volsini Mountains, from which we can enjoy an enchanting view of Lake Bolsena, and is situated on the Via Cassia in the heart of a farming area where grapevines are of particular importance. A road winding along the hillside links the town with the lake.

The Etruscan and Roman remains in the area testify to the ancient origins of the town. The present town grew in the Middle Ages, when various buildings were built on the slopes of the hill. The 13th century was the period of greatest splendour for Montefiascone, which was annexed by the papacy to the Patrimony of St. Peter in Tuscia.

Bolsena is a 'miraculous' lake in the Tuscia area, between Rome and Tuscany, which is dotted with enchanting towns that dominate the 'path of the Etruscans'.  Rarely overcrowded, and abundant with beautiful black volcanic sands, it is the largest volcanic lake in Europe, with a circumference of 43km, and an incredible history. 370,000 years ago the collapse of land following the eruption of the Vulsini volcano (active until 104 BC) formed a caldera which then became the bed of Bolsena's lake.  There are two islands, Bisentina and Martana, in the southern part of the lake which were formed by underwater eruptions following the collapse that created the caldera.

The area was part of the Etruscans territories in central Italy, a dominant culture in Italy by 650 BC. Needless to say, it's dowsed with tribe upon tribe which left their mark on this mysterious area.

Lake Bolsena is one of the magnificent sights of Italy. It has been considered a lake of great spiritual importance…. and mystery, for thousands of years. It was the sacred lake of the Etruscans and it still has a powerful  effect on anybody who visits its shores. The painter William Turner passed by here in 1795 and he like us, would  have marvelled at the the magnificent light, the clearness of the air even in high summer, and the picturesqueness of its lakeside villages such as Capodimonte and Bolsena town.